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Voted best in Singapore

7 Seater
  • One-way Transfer $60

  • Airport Pick-Up $60

  • Hourly Booking $50/HR
    (Minimum 3hrs)

9 Seater
9 seater Maxi Cab.jfif
  • One-way Transfer $65

  • Airport Pick-Up $65

  • Hourly Booking $55/HR
    (Minimum 3hrs)

13 Seater
  • One-way Transfer $70

  • Airport Pick-Up $70

  • Hourly Booking $60/HR
    (Minimum 3hrs)

  • One-way Transfer $80

  • Airport Pick-Up $80

  • Hourly Booking $70/HR
    (Minimum 3hrs)

Mercedes Sprinter 9 Seater

  • Hourly Booking $150/HR
    (Minimum 4hrs)

SKO Maxi Cab Limousine Services

We believe that our team can set your mood for your very own stress-free getaway. By using maxicab sg, you will immerse yourself in a taxi experience like no other. Whether you’re flying away on a business trip, or you have arrived on a holiday, our 24-hour services will get you where you need to be with time spare so you will never have to rush. We can get to top destinations all around Singapore in less than 15 minutes.


Have you ever waited over an hour for the bus to arrive from the airport? Well, worry no longer. We offer the best taxi transfers from the airport. At maxi cab Singapore, we strive to provide our customers with only the best airport transfers. Our team can pick you up right from the airport and take you to your destination with ease. Additionally, you can also pre-book your taxi back to the airport once your holiday has come to an end. So rest up, sit back and enjoy your holiday knowing that your journey home will be nothing less than flawless. Don’t rush to get back to the airport. Instead, ride home in our comfy maxicab sg services and catch your flight with time to spare.

maxicab booking singapore

Please find the services that we offer below:


Taxi Service


Our deluxe taxi services are specially designed for your convenience and ease of travel. Our highly trained drivers can provide you with the fasted route to your chosen destination, ensuring that your journey is as smooth as possible. With a vast knowledge of the area, our maxi cab Singapore services can not only provide you with a fast and stress-free trip, but also the opportunity to gain a better understanding of specific areas. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have no matter the topic, ensuring that you arrive at your destination with a better understanding of the area.


7 SeaterMaxicab


For larger groups of people, we also offer a 7 seatermaxicab. At maxicab Singapore, we understand that travelling in larger groups is often the preferred choice for many individuals. Our 7 seatermaxicab is designed to take you and a group of friends to a destination with ease. Each of our cabs are designed to be as spacious and comfortable as possible, ensuring that you travel with style no matter how far away your destination may be.


9 SeaterMaxicab


Our specialized 9 seatermaxicab is designed for very large groups of people. They are ideal for a night out with a big group of friends, as well as work well as transport for groups of people coming from the airport. The taxis are designed to be as comfortable as possible, ensuring that your journey is nothing less than perfect.


13 Seater Minibus


If you and a large group of friends plan on travelling around Singapore then our 13 seater minibus may be the best option for you. Designed to be both stylish and comfortable, our minibus is the perfect mode of transport for getting groups of your friends from one place to another without the stress of multiple cabs.


Book one of our services today and discover how the SKOMaxiCab team can enhance your journeys around Singapore!

At SKOMaxiCab we provide the best airport taxi services in Singapore. Each one of our services is specially tailored to your needs as our customer, ensuring that each ride is nothing but seamless. Our experienced fleet of drivers have a broad understanding of the areas around Singapore, allowing them to provide you with the fastest and most direct route, no matter how far your destination.


We offer all of our customers with a competitive price in order to provide a stress-free experience. We understand that sometimes you may book our taxi through a quick decision. That’s why our drivers are able to provide you with an estimated price before your journey has even begun. Additionally, our maxi cab services can be booked hassle-free using our easy to use online form. At the same time, you can simply call our friendly team and they will arrange a taxi for you. From small journeys to longer trips, we offer a comprehensive list of solutions specially designed for you. Each one of our vehicles is cleaned daily in order to guarantee a pleasant journey. Our fleet itself includes a wide range of vehicles, from smaller 4 seaters to 13 seater minibuses, ensuring that no matter what you’re looking for you can find it through our maxicab booking in Singapore.


All of our drivers are trained to provide excellent customer service, making sure that they provide you with any answers you may need. We take pride in our high-quality staff and this comes across in the service they offer. Each member of our team ensures nothing less than a flawless experience, providing you with a service tailored to your mood. For example, should you want to know more information regarding a specific area, our driver will be happy to tell you. This includes everything from the best restaurants, to the best hotels as well as any personal recommendations that you may have. At the same time, should you need peace and quiet after a long journey, they can provide you with that too. No matter what service you are looking for, you will find it with our maxi cab services.

Term & Condition

  • Departure/One way transfer free waiting time 15 mins

  • Arrival free waiting time 70 mins

  • Additional waiting time every 15mins
    7, 9, 13 Seater -$10
    Alphard/Vellfire - $15

  • Additional Pick/Drop point $10

  • Midnight surcharge $10 booking between ( 2330hr - 0630hr )

  • ERP & carpark included

  • All prices quoted are nett and final

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