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7 seater maxi cab

Each one of our drivers are fully trained in the areas around Singapore, ensuring that they can get you from one destination to another easily and smoothly. Whether you are travelling from the airport or you would like to visit some of Singapore’s most popular attractions, our drivers will take you via the fastest route, saving you both time and money. Our drivers are not only trained to take you from one location to another but also to provide only the highest levels of customer service. They will tailor the service they provide to you and your group, ensuring that you have only the most pleasant experience with our team. We know that everyone’s preferences are different. One group of friends may be in Singapore to party, whilst another may be here to wind down after a long season of work. Our team take note of this, ensuring that you find the perfect experience with our 7 seater Maxi Cab service. Should you want to wind down on your journey home, we have the perfect music to help, whilst if you want to party in the vibrant and exciting city of Singapore, our drivers have all the best party music played throughout the city.


Our 7 seater Maxi Cab booking system is specially designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. There are two main ways to book for our 7 seaters. The first and easiest way to book is online. We have designed a simple to use platform that allows you to book our 7 seaters with ease. Once you have made an initial booking, our team will provide you with an email to confirm your booking has been a success. Then, all you need to do is simply arrive at the destination at the time you stated and your journey will begin! Additionally, you can also call our team at any time of the day. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week, ensuring that there will always be someone on the line to answer you. This is the best option should you have any questions or queries regarding our services. We understand that booking a taxi can be stressful at times, which is why our team will answer your every question, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing less than absolutely perfect. We always advise our customers to book in advance in order to guarantee that our 7 seater service is available for your arrival.


When visiting Singapore in larger groups, there is truly no better way to explore the city. By being together, you and your group can have the same experiences. This includes everything from the same sites to having the same information on bars and restaurants, allowing you to make better decisions as a group. This will result in an overall better experience in Singapore, allowing you to explore the truly amazing city in style. Should you want to book our service to get back to the airport, you can do that at the start of your trip. Simply book our service in advance and enjoy your holiday knowing that your journey back to the airport will be one of little stress. Book day and discover Singapore in style!

7 Seater Maxi Cab

Our 7 seater Maxi Cab services are specially designed for people who are travelling the area in a larger group. Whether you are on a business trip with colleges, or you and your family have come on holiday together, our 7 seaters are the ideal transport mode in Singapore. By using our 7 seater maxi cab, you can avoid the stresses of public transport, as well as the hassle of having to book multiple cabs for a single group of people. This will save you both time and stress throughout your trip, ensuring that your overall experience is nothing but the best.

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