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Maxi Cab 13 Seater

For a truly amazing experience when visiting Singapore, look no further than our Maxi Cab 13 seater. These taxis are ideal for multiple families as well as large groups of friends or colleges. They allow you to travel all around the city as a single group, removing the stress of having to break off into individual groups. We know the stress involved in having to travel around in separate groups, as well as travelling in larger groups on public transport. Often people can get lost, accidentally getting off at the wrong stop, causing significant amounts of unnecessary stress. By using our Maxi Cab 13 seater, you can travel around in style knowing that your journeys will be both smooth and seamless.


Our 13 seater services are specially designed around you and your group. No matter who is in your group, we will ensure that your journey is an enjoyable one. Once our driver picks you up at your chosen destination, they will help you with any luggage or bags that you may have, ensuring that all are safe and secure. Then, once everyone is ready to travel they will commence the journey. Throughout the journey, if you want them to, our driver will provide you with a wide range of facts about the various areas you are travelling through. This allows you to learn about both the culture and the history of Singapore, allowing you to indulge yourself into the culture. At the same time, they will be more than happy to play any songs or your choice, from the newest pop songs to timeless classics. This helps to make your journey a truly enjoyable one!

maxi cab 13 seater

All of our Maxi Cab 13 seaters are thoroughly cleaned before our arrival, ensuring that the cab is nothing less than spotless. This allows you to sit back and rest up knowing that your cab is completely clean. We make use of the best cleaning services in Singapore, ensuring that every spec of dust is removed prior to your journey.


In general, due to the high demand of our 13 seaters, we always advise booking at least a week in advance. Our 13 seaters are extremely popular during every season of the year, meaning that we may not have one available if you do not pre-book. Pre-booking is simple, easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can simply book one of our seaters using our online form, or you can call our team directly. This way, our team can answer any questions you may have regarding our services before your trip has even started. Additionally, should you have any questions during your journey, our friendly drivers will be on hand to answer. Our drivers are specially chosen not only on their driving capability, but also their ability to provide unprecedented levels of customer service. Throughout your journey, they will provide you with an all-round tailored experience, helping you with any questions you may have, no matter how complex or simple. Once you have arrived, our driver will help you with any bags that you may have, ensuring that you do not strain yourself. After you have used our taxi service, you will wonder how you travelled anywhere else without it! We hope you have an amazing experience and look forward to meeting you!

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